go from ‘clueless’ to ‘clued up’ on future trends


Want to know how to create that ‘game changer’ before your competition does? Now’s the time to discover the next emerging trends that will impact you, your team, customers and how to capitalise on it at minimal risk.

 At the Next Big Thing you’ll discover the latest innovation generating breakthroughs to innovate across every aspect of your business – discovering and converting emerging trends into groundbreaking products, disruptive customer experience innovations and game changing organisational leadership innovations. All so you’re on the cutting edge of this new innovation revolution. 


  • What’s next in the key trends that will affect your industry and market

  • What the next service and people trends will be that determine how you do business

  • How to use trends to create contingencies to capitalise on a trend

  • How to distinguish between a trend and a fad

  • How to become a trend spotter