go from lame ideas to game changing ideas


Now more than ever, innovative ideas are the currency for success. While we know innovation is valuable, it’s a sad fact that too many organisations just don’t know how to innovate. 

The good news is no matter how time poor, or how crammed our heads might be with traditional business management skills, with Nils’ innovation techniques we can still find a way to bend time to our advantage and shake up our thinking patterns to start innovating. 


  • What your customers really want and what they are willing to pay for

  • How to tap into the innovation cognition regions of the brain

  • How to facilitate and prompt innovative thinking ideas with just one question

  • How to transform mediocre ideas into game changing ideas

  • How to create a rainmaking idea from scratch

Fantastic at coming into an organisation and peeling back the layers to help find where we can be more innovative
— Jon D'Sousa