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Reinvent your message

Create a message that stands out from the crowd with our helpful tips

Some classic tools to help you innovate and reinvent your message. A summary pack from our latest podcast and FaceBook live episode.


Commercialise your big idea from scratch - one page process map

We’re sharing our innovation secrets that we use with some of the biggest hottest brands on the planet, to help you take an idea from scratch to market. Here's our FREE commercialise your big idea from scratch 1-page process map that will help you realise that big game-changing idea.

Processes make innovation replicable and implementable. We know through experience that innovation processes that are simple to follow and execute generate financial gains whilst strengthening the efficiency of an organisation. That's why we've documented over 55  'how to' innovate process map flow charts to enable our clients to excel at innovation. We wanted to give you one of our most popular process map flow charts: "How to commercialise an idea from scratch in one page"

Claim your free innovation process map now.

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Go from being 'out of touch' to 'in touch' with the future.

Our FREE trends charts will help you in:

* forecasting 

* identifying what’s coming next

* leading the industry 

* prompting commercial  ideas

* identifying uncertainties

* identifying areas for improvement

* creating contingencies


From boardroom panic to boardroom pay-rise

Download our brainstorming tool to help you create ideas on demand every time.

Sick of being flat footed in a meeting? Or even worse being ‘left out’ of a meeting, because people don’t think you’ve got the game changing ideas. Change things with this FREE tool.

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Do the unthinkable

Download your free unthinkable origami to help you prompt yourself to achieve the unthinkable. There's a catch! You have to build the origami yourself. The origami you are going to build is a 'chatterbox' or at least that's what we called them we were kids. Here's the instruction on how to do it.

1. Download and then print out the origami. You will need to crop it to make an even square. 2. Fold the handout in half to form a rectangle, open back out and turn over. Fold each corner of the square in, as you did in Step 2, to make an even smaller square. 3. Fold the square in half to make a rectangle, open back out, turn 180 degrees, fold in half and open back out again.



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