Yesterday was one of those fun days we all have from time to time. For me the day involved some of my favourite activities: strategic consulting, collaboration, actionand presentation. There was some strategic innovation work that I was for a client of Innovation Blueprint. Then there was some collaboration with our sister businessPicture Trigger on the development of a clients strategy using graphic recording and graphic strategic maps. Shortly after that there was a sneaky afternoon hangglide to wake up the senses and finally there was an evening keynote for some of Australia's leading marketing agencies Step Change Marketing.

Now I'm not a marketer though many of clients are marketing andadvertising agencies (yes even the creatives' need help on their creativity and innovation). Last night I was the guest speaker at their 'stump the strategist' evening.

My topic was 'prickly business'. We spoke at about all kinds of things from the history of pricks, to the power of the darkside. While I know you might want to find out more all will be revealed in the coming blogs, but what I can say is that everyone has problems or pricks as I've been calling them lately and the more we can embrace them the bigger the innovation.

What I love about Step Change is the fact that they've made marketing fun. It was a win win situation. Here's how the night panned out. Fine wine, some nice cheese and bickies, an International Innovation keynote speaker (me) talking about a relevant and meaningful topic. Follow this up with a panel session where the lucky audience got to ask the panel made up of Ashton Bishop, Jeff Cooper, Simon Rutherford andNils Vesk with their curliest marketing questions. And boy were there some curly questions followed by lots of innovative, free thinking with strategic advice and ideas shared back with the audience. But wait there was some accountability! There was a 9 minute time limit before the bomb clock would blast and a final vote by the audience to determine whether the panel had passed or were stumped.

It was a great night and real pleasure to have spoken there.

Keep an eye out for some blogs on Prickly Business.



Nils Vesk

Innovation Architect