Sometimes I think I have the best job of all. I get to go out and visit the most innovative organisations on the planet and pick their brains to what makes them so innovative and look at ways of sharing what they do with the world.

One such company I recently spent time with behind the scenes was the Australian organisation
 Objective Digital. Founded by James Breeze (an organisational psychologist), what Objective Digital do is apply some serious thinking into what is going through the minds of users of both digital and analogue customers.

Objective Digital are user experience geniuses who combine technology plus psychology to work out what's going on when a customer either visits our website on a mobile device or has to deal with installing a modem on their own at home. Objective Digital are also avid design thinkers which essentially means they think strategically to improve experience, reduce time whilst increasing either sales or traffic.

Objective Digital's MD Sheilah Hogan shared with me that too many organisations go to market with a low user experience design, simply because they have not designed, tested and redesigned their sites with the user experience in mind.

Here's some lessons to be learnt from this agile organisation:

  • Be involved in the design process right from conception all the way through to execution and post launch monitoring.
  • Anything can be measured, yet you need to start with determining your objectives, what do you want to find out about your user experience? Is it 'what are they  looking at when they visit your site?', or is it 'why are they looking at a certain element?'
  • Look at leaders from different industries, sure be mindful of your own competitors, yet look further a field for fresh ideas.
  • Try to observe user behaviours and then investigate why those behaviours are happening.

Quite often what we want to put into a product or process is not wanted by a customer.

Try to observe user behaviours and then investigate why those behaviours are happening. No matter how technical your applications, products, processes or services might be there is always a psychological behaviour that occurs. Get better at understanding this and your user experience innovation will go through the roof.

Why not check out to see what they do so well