Quin Etnyre is an innovator just like you. He's the owner of a website based electronic kits business called QTechKnow.com,  he speaks at events around the world including New York and Rome and he really knows what customers want. The only difference between Quin and all of us is he's just thirteen years of age.

I totally believe that we are all innovators, and Quin demonstrates that despite his obvious age difference to many of us. His talk at the Maker Faire in Rome was titled "Lessons learned from a 12 year old CEO". One of the really obvious thing that Quin understands is his market place. One of his electronic kits is a fart detector which is designed to detect the presence of methane in the air. Now obviously this an electronics kit may not be everyone's cup of tea, but for a teenage electronics geek, he's on the money. Understanding the power of value adding, Quin couples his delivery with stickers and pins (badges) creating extra delight for his customers.

The question we could be asking ourselves is what's our version of a fart detector? Something that's on brand and on target while being decidedly unique. What's our version of stickers that we can combine to add more value and delight our customers?