Some of the greatest innovations simply come from looking at what activities annoy or agitate people. Let's face it most businesses are built around providing a service or product that does something that most people don't want to or can't do.

Quite often the more difficult the activity the more successful the business. An innovation can be all the more successful by looking at turning a difficult action or situation in to a better one.

Here's two unique innovative service and product solutions to give you an example.

Now I'm not a woman but from what I've heard not all women enjoy riding in taxis alone. Whether it's because of the drivers sometimes lewd behaviour or something else the fact is a lot of women don't like travelling alone in a cab with a male driver.

You might expect a western cab company to look at this problem, yet the refreshing solution has come from Cairo. Cairo Cabs, now have women only cabs. 

A simple solution for an obvious problem.

What about an innovation for the wedding and marriage market?  As positive as some people are about how long and strong an upcoming marriage will be it's an unfortunate fact that one in three marriages end up in divorce.

While it may not seem the most positive of solutions for a long term marriage, an American insurance firm has created a product called WedLock insurance - to protect against future expenses encountered in the unfortunate event of a divorce.

My challenge to you is to ask what are some of the elements that annoy you about a service, product or process. Whether it's your own or someone else's challenges, if you can identify them then you can start to look for some innovative solutions.



Innovation architect