Some recent thoughts on innovation coming from gamification.

Innovation + gamification = motivation

  • Games can be good for business.

  • Advertising industry was first to get involved.

  • Providing a game or competition can engage their customers in a value adding way

  • Gamifiaction can be used not only to motivate clientele or customers but also to motivate employees.

  • Recent study done by Sachi & Sachi S May 2011 has some great stats on gamification.

  • 2000+ participants in US study

  • 50% of US online population play a social game once a day (includes smart phone owners)

  • Males play games fro competition, women play to escape boredom

  • Are your customers or team bored with your business? Perhaps a game would help to engage them more?

  • The large majority or participants said that they were interested in working for a company that used ramification as an incentive.

What's some examples of gamification in the real world?

  • Chromaroma is a game for the London Public transport system. A website that uses your Oyster card (transport pass) to enable you to play games with separate missions. For example a mission of how to get from Heathrow to Piccadilly Square in the fastest way possible.

  • The benefit of the games is that it teaches people of the whole public transport network, increases usability, knowledge and engagement. Increasing product and service awareness while adding value.

  • Decauxville a website by Street furniture manufacturing company that uses this virtual world that enables people to explore products being used in a virtual world. Educates whilst giving an experience.

  • Challenging people with quizzes and cryptic puzzles can help in recruitment as was done by the swedish armed forces recruitment program.

  • New school - online games with multi player functionality, probability scenarios.

  • Old school- trivia challenges, puzzles and scavenger hunts

  • perhaps elearning needs to become egaming?


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Nils Vesk

Innovation Architect