A few weeks back I ran a workshop for my awesome client Nokia. What makes this client so awesome is not just that they create amazing products but as an organisation they are open to doing things differently in order to innovate.

For this workshop we had planned to make the whole process different. Not so long ago Nokia was the leader in the mobile phone industry. However in the current marketplace, they have become the challenger - and that means that they have to be more innovative and have to challenge themselves to continually look at ways to improve their products, processes and service.

The theme we created for the workshop was called the Disruption Day. Innovation requires thinking and behaving differently and therefore it seemed perfectly apt to go out and create a day of disruption. 

So how did we create a day of disruption? To start with, we needed to have a place that the Nokia team wouldn't normally be on a work day. The answer was to send them all off to a groovy bar called The Loft, located on the harbour side of Sydney's King Street Wharf. The Loft is a salubrious night club which actually looks good in the day time as well as the evening.

Our next disruption was our welcoming drink, now at 8.30am in the morning you could expect an espresso to start the day, we went one step further by offering (mock) Espresso Martini's. Now while you might think that the idea of cocktails (mock or the real thing!) in the morning was definitely a no-no, the team thought otherwise. It gave everyone reason to loosen up and reduce their inhibitions, imagined or otherwise, (an essential part of ideation and innovation) and some great ideas were created. 

The moral to this story, is that disrupting the habits and behaviours that we normally exhibit will help to create the right environment for creative and innovative thinking. If you're looking for more innovation what disruptions can you create in order to stimulate innovation?

Think of disrupting some of the following:

  • The space where you have your regular meetings - meet somewhere new or change the meeting space.

  • The habits you take in approaching your work - force yourself to approach a project differently.

  • The questions you raise - ask challenging questions to prompt innovative thinking -  such as "what if we were to get rid of_________ what would happen then?"

  • The mix of people you normally have in a brainstorming session - invite people from different departments to give a fresh totally outside perspective.


Now you've got some disruptive ideas, go forth and make them happen.

We're looking forward to sharing more with you soon. In the meantime if you're looking for more insights on how to generate wicked ideas for innovation in your organisation feel free to give us a call.



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