When time is short, but your looking for some rapid innovation, use one of the following fail-safe innovation techniques.


  •  Spot an interesting invention, business or process outside of your world
  •  Identify & record the attributes (the components that make is good)
  •  Force yourself to incorporate these attributes on a process or project you have


  • Find a problem and define what the problem is, who and how it affects people?
  • Determine the cause of the problem
  • Identify the key attributes (parts of the problem)
  • Solve the problems part by part


  •  If you could start what you are doing from scratch what would you differently?
  •  How can you get other people to help collaborate on the project?
  •  Think of what prototype could you create to represent the idea?


  • Map the touch points/steps of what you are doing already (list them or mind map the steps)
  • Identify just one touch point to work on (insignificant ones can be good)
  • Apply one of the following promotes to the touch point. Speed up, slow down, reverse, modify, substitute, strengthen, combine


  • Identify the key touch point element of your process
  • If you had to remove the key touch point what would you need to do to survive?   
  • If you really couldn't remove it what could you substitute it with?