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Absolutely brilliant. Put a new perspective on my thought process.
— Rory Muscat, Director, BankWest
Innovation expert and speaker

Hi, I’m Nils.

I teach people the profitable action steps of innovating; uncovering insights & future trends, creating ideas, validating and prototyping your ideas with minimal risk.

Nils Vesk Innovation Keynote speaker

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Through my keynotes and programs delivered around the world (Unthinkable, Ideas with Legs, Think on your feet and The Next Big Thing), my innovation books and podcast, I continually hear that my message inspires a sense of “I really can innovate’ and has created dramatic commercial returns for individuals and organisation in over 16 countries around the globe.

I show that by reinventing innovation processes so that they are practical and fun, even the most ‘change resistant’ people can leave their limitations behind, and instead generate exciting game changing commercial innovation.

Love how you make the complex world of innovation so simple.
— sebastien lundy, yum foods

Ready to get the most out of your people at your next event? 

Pick a keynote below to get actionable,  momentum building advice perfectly paired with your event audience’s current situation

the next big thing


How to spot the next big future trends that will fuel your business

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Step by step ways to create commercial insights & ideas to reinvent your business

thinking on your feet


How to create solutions and strategies to solve problems ‘on the fly’



Insider secrets to change performance mindsets

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Would your organisation be more effective if:

  • Your team could solve problems faster?

  • Your team could generate insights about your customer needs?

  • Your team could deliver more value at less cost?

  • Your team could rapidly test ideas, and implement to create commercial innovations?

  • Your team could create ground breaking ideas that led to market leading products & services?

Are you interested in this type of R.O.I?

  • Increased number of commercial insights

  • Increased quantity & quality of ideas and problems solved

  • Increase in the no. of product & service improvements

  • Increase in piloting and prototyping to reduce risk and increase success

  • Faster innovation pipeline, from conception through to execution

  • Increased market share and differentiation

“Great presentation - clear message.”
— kylie donovan, nsw department of training & education